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WOWFaith Ministries, Inc. would like to honor Pastor Joel Osteen with a Special Tribute  

Why Pastor Joel Osteen is one of God's true Heroe's of Faith!" 

"He is blessed with God's truth that our actions today can cause ourselves and our loved ones to either be blessed or cursed for generations to come."                           Reverend Michael Cartwright


pastor osteen and wife 7.png

Pastor Joel Osteen is the head of the Mega Lakewood Church in Houston, Which is known as the "Texas style Sanctionuary."

He is truly in spiritual alignment with Glorifying God in everything he says and does. When he was visiting Southern California last summer. As he was speaking at the Anaheim Pond and he was talking to all of us that felt blessed to be there. Pastor Joel Osteen started to shed real tears of joy because of the overwhelming experience that God had blessed him with. Being the head of the largest growing Church in the Country which has become the first Church in America with over 30,000 worshippers in weekly attendance and over 7 million U.S. viewers,

pastor osteens book july 21, 20051.bmp

and with a best seller "Your Best Life Now." which has sold over 3 million copies. Pastor Joel Osteen could have easily just stood there at the podium at the Anaheim Pond last summer and just said to himself "Been there, done that" and just said to himself no big deal, But he diden't, He allowed the very spirit of God inside of him that dwell's in each one of us to be overwhelmed with the joy and humility and the acknowledgment that he did not get here by himself but by God's helping hand. He made God proud by glorifying him this way. He is truly in spiritual alignment and in tune with his heart strings to God's Will and purpose and God will know all of us by our hearts.

Last Sunday (July 2005) I was sitting with my family watching Pastor Osteen on television (channel 17 at 5:00 pm check for listings in your area) who we have always enjoyed because he truly is blessed with the truth, of knowing that our purpose is to glorify God in everything that we say and do.

He was given one of his wonderful sermons on the subject of blessings which is the main focus (Besides Salvation) of WOWFaith Ministries. What he said exhibited such courage, finesse and spiritual disipline as he addressed the spiritual issues about Church leadership and our true purpose in our calling.

He mentioned about how his Church was moving into a stadium (Former summer home of NBA's Houston Rockets) that God had blessed him with and he did not understand how he could receive some negative publicity from other Churches from this. He said he thought the whole purpose for telling others about God's love was in lifting each other up and not in criticizing to put each other down. I believe that one of the reasons that Pastor Joel Osteen from Texas has been blessed by God with the largest and the fastest growing Church in America is because of his blessed sensitivity and disipline to this simple truth that we cannot serve two masters. I was delighted that during the beginning of his sermon which was on the subject of blessings that he quoted using the very same bible verse that is used as the main Biblical verse for WOWFaith Ministries "A Place for Permanent Blessings and Favors" (TM)

"I call Heaven and earth to witness against you today that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Choose life so that you and your descendants may live" Deuteronomy 30:19

Pastor Joel Osteen mentioned during this same sermon about one of God's truth that WOWFaith Ministries agrees with. That we can cause ourselves as well as our loved ones to either be cursed or blessed by God for generations to come by our own actions we do today! God has never left me or forsaken me one time in my life against all odds and He has led me to total victory each and every time. So when I say that God is with me just like I know He is with many others.  I just want you to understand that when I sit down and watch one of Pastor Joel Osteen's Sunday sermons, It's like me and God having ring side seats together at the Super Bowl of Faith and Blessings and our spirits get so excited watching our "Star quarterback of Faith and Blessings Joel" defeat the opposing team called Satans' devils and even thou we already know the final score before we even start to watch the "Game of all Games- The Super Bowl of saving Souls for all eternity and "The blessing and cursing of Souls through out their destiny" It is never boring, it is in fact a honor to see you win our hearts and our souls. "And you want others to know that they can be continually blessed before they get to Heaven too! "You are God's complete package!"

Just as God has moved every mountain and every obstacle in my life just to get close enough to wipe away my tears to tell me He wants to increase my joy by blessing me. Everyone that sits and listens to you speak at your Church should feel truly blessed just to be close enough to see your tears of joy as you share God's truth that He wants to truly and continually bless them forever and one day.

It is this kind of devotion, courage and passion that Pastor Joel Osteen has for the divine truth that will lead his millions of followers into a more blessed life through out their destiny.

The purest form of glorifying God and elevating other Church Ministries at the pulpit can only be inspired from the integrity of unconditional love that knows no jealousy. The very essence and substance of the spirit of our living God that dwells in each man's spirit and not from man's prideful heart of fear and selfishness which always cause's man into being duped into doing Satan's work for him.

I believe that every man is held accountable to be blessed or to be cursed for every action and idle word that is uttered from our mouths. I also believe this as the truth before God that by Pastor Joel Osteen's own actions and word's that he has caused himself and his family to be permanently and continually blessed by the hand of God throughout his ministry for generations to come.  

 WOWFaith Ministries salute you for truly being spiritually aligned in being blessed with God's wisdom, truth, and purpose. You are truly an inspiration in your purpose and understanding of God's love in glorifying Him in everything you say and do! May we all be inspired and share the essence of the same spiritual heart as Pastor Joel Osteen express's to all who will listen. He truly is blessed with God's truth of glorifying him in everything he says and does.


Your mine as well as one of God's true heroes of faith!

People of Faith don't wait for their destiny, They create it!


" Go to your destiny Pastor Joel Osteen!"


  Reverend Michael Cartwright

   Founder of WOWFaith Ministries, Inc.



Special Note:

Pastor Joel Osteen will again be blessed by leading his flock into their new 210,000- sq ft. home for their Lakewood Church. If you want to be continually blessed through out your destiny. Watch him every Sunday, and if you miss him, he's on several different times on different T.V stations as well.

All 16,000 seats were filled by joyful worshipers at the Mega Lakewood Church. Including Governor Rick Perry was on hand to celebrate the opening blessed event which they call a "Texas Style Sanctionuary." May you join in this joyous and blessed occasion every Sunday Channel 17 in Southern California at 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM.

Pastor Joel Osteen is blessed with God's truth on what causes us to either be blessed or cursed  because of our actions. I have never given a Special Tribute to another Pastor for teaching others that God want's to bless us and our loved one's continually throughout our destiny. And I pray with all my heart that he's not the last. 


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