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(Article from Smart Homeland Security on organized stalking; "A new breed of American Terrorism")


A new breed of American Terrorism

After September 11, The world, as well as all Government agencies have a zero tolerance policy on any individual or group that harasses anyone and view this as nothing less than American Terrorism. When Smart Homeland Security is properly set up, you will be able to learn how to create a file to send to these Government Agencies on stalking that they will take noticed of.

Big Government is not just concern with organized stalking, but If an individual or group will organize themselves to stalk another person, what are they capable of next?

There is a good reason why law enforcement does not tolerate the public having portable police scanners in their vehicles. They know using this type of high tech equipment puts them at a disadvantage when a crime is being committed because the criminals will know what the police know.

Will this group or individual members in the near future pose a new serious and more sophisticated problem against law enforcement or others in the community,  will they pose a problem by coloborating with other false wittness's in their group when law enforcement are investigating them for other crimes.

In just the first two months of 2006,

We have seen several different violent incidents just in Southern California alone that involved either shooting at local law enforcement officers or at their vehicle's. We can not allow the lawless conduct of any group to become organized stalkers who may one day turn on our organized law enforcement agencies for the benefit of escaping prosecution.

And worse of all, what happens when a police officer is apprehending one of these good guys turned bad, and other people from several different vehicles from this organized group decide to intervene or be a obstacle which their willing to escalate the situation from normal to deadly force and set an example for other lawless individuals to form copycat or hate groups against Law Enforcement.

If nothing is planned or done to prevent and stop this, where we have a zero tolerance policy against this harrassment against our Citizens here in America.  I believe this will be on the Homeland Security desk in 2006. I believe we are not just a few years down the road from this, but just a few months.

We need to pray for them.

How ironic that the News Media will stalk the stalkers, not to believe their collective lies but to put a new face on stalking for the world to see and they will ask the world the following questions and will have already researched the real truth and motives and hidden agendas such as, 

What does a stalker look like?

What Church do they go too?

Are some Churches and their leaders condoning this action against other Churches?

Are they your neighbors?

Where do they live, sleep, and go to at night?

What employer would hire or keep a stalker?

What kind of family members do they have? Many are related.

What kind of psychological problems do they or family members have?

Who do they hang around with?

Are they candidates for other foreign terrorism groups?

You will find some of them sell stolen goods as a sideline such as V.C.R's, drugs, or other illegal activity, will not God bring them down so that He can reshape their lives for bringing His wrath on them for their hypocrisy.

What does the world feel about these people, some of them are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, how comfortable would people feel having their own children involved with this cursed activity and what would happen one day when they cross the line of other illegal activity? What would happen when your own kids want to leave this group that is not blessed by God or favored by the American people? Will they have video taking of your own children involved in this criminal activity so that they can never leave just like some groups do today?

Should we forgive those who in their past have stalked us, I say yes if they have turned their life around and repented for their sins.

Have we not learned from what Jesus would do, when the crowd told Jesus that the law says for them to stone the woman to death for adultery. When Jesus said "He who is without sin cast the first stone." Then Jesus drew in the sand to reveal each of their sins and one by one they all left. Do we doubt that God will not do the same today to these stalkers. Will God not bring them to a place where He can change their hearts so that they can be used better to serve His purpose. Is not God the same today, yesterday, and forever.

Will not the local and the National News Media bring to the front doors of every home in America and show that each person involved in this criminal act have something to hide from their past that make them unhappy and unfulfilled, including in their own family or the group that they hang around with, and does not want their personal lives under a microscope on them by having the world media attention on them. Jesus proved this when he said; "He who without sin cast the first stone."

God wants us to treat other people by the way we would like to be treated. That's why good and blessed people do not put up with this shameless action of stalking other people or their families, in fact when the News media display their pictures and details are given. The general public as well as National talk shows will be able to expose the private lives and names of each of these stalkers as well as to let the public forum know where they live or work so that the public can personally express their feelings by writing letters and e-mails explaining how they feel about stalkers to these people who do this.

The bottom line is these stalkers do not have a clue to what real intimidation really is, other wise they would not provoke God's wrath in their lives. Are they a threat to organizations losing their annual budget for the misuse of funds?

I believe with all my heart, that their is a new breed of American Terrorism developing here in our Country and it is from our own people who are being taught using high tech communication and surveillance to promote fear and intimidation so that others will reason that their actions must be ok. I know that the knowledge and the expertise that I have been taught in the world of surveillance is something that should be closely guarded to a chosen few who have the integrity and the honor to not abuse it.

What's going to happen when it becomes common knowledge for millions of people to harrass others in this network of terrorism, to the point that law enforcement is no longer the organized force for the public to turn too for justice when they can just turn to this new network of terrorism to conduct their own brand of justice.

The solution is to cut off the head of the dragon each time it rears it's ugly head just like we have been doing for thousands of years. Government knows who they are.

Have we not learned in our own life time by our past mistakes of nurturing and developing other world leaders who later, after rising to power, have literally turned on America, to be our own worse enemy, because they are drunk with power and cannot stop abusing others with the power that has been given them.

Why do stalkers do this? Because it is man's nature to sin, where we are not blessed for it. Stalkers are a reflection of their inner sinful self. They are bitter about the cards that they have been dealt with in life and they don't want to be a blessing to all others until God truly brings them to a place where He can literally shape their lives to better glorify Him. God's Word says that it is human nature to sin, If you have a family that adores you and loves you, and you know that your destiny is blessed by the choices that you make each and every day. Your whole spiritual focus is on God and your family and what can you do in a positive way to help your family or others out.

When you are a bitter person, and you have nothing to be truly thankful for or to glorify God for your family or the quality of your life. And you have no desire to be a blessing to God's will or His way. Then these people are no longer focused on creating and being positive to society. They know, both men and woman stalkers know that they are hurting inside and that their lives are unfulfilled in some way or another. So they have the illusion that they have a life now by hanging around other people who do not have a life, but now they have what they think are real friends in their lives, and they have a mission no matter how sick their motives are. It's actually very sad,

They say in all the thousands of people that you meet in your life, that you are a part of each one of them and from all these thousands of people that you really only will find no more than five real friends that you will cherish that will be there for you. When God takes us to stand before Him on Judgment day, lets hope we were hanging around others who were doing His will and His way and not around people who are a curse to Him that provokes God's wrath.

I believe most of these people are basically good people who are just bitter and hurting inside because of circumstances in their life and they just can't stand to see someone else become successful at this time in their lives.

"One of the most blessed acts of glorifying God, is in a place of peace and holiness, praising God for rewarding our neighbors for their success in all things." Anger is cruel and fury is overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy? Proverbs 27:4 (excerpt from Pastor Michael's book. "God has my back so bring it on!)

The bottom line is when you are truly filled with joy and peace you want to stay in that spiritual state of mind, body and spirit. It's like when you win the lotto, you no longer care about being negative to others, you are only concerned with being truly happy.

You see, we all have a choice every morning to wake up and be happy and joyful or bitter and hateful.

What are my true heartfelt feelings for people who are not right with God including those who stalk other people to intimidate or cause fear.

I believe with all my heart, that most people are good people that God wants to bless, and when it is time for me to open my Church doors, that if they would give me a chance to not just tell them but to show them that God will bless them through every adversity in their lives and triumph over every mountain of problems that may seem over whelming to them and that He will not leave them one time. And show them and prove to them that God is that real, I believe that, with time that I would have earned their trust to be their spiritual leader as God has promised me.

There are so many dots that God will connect in your life to prove to you that He is blessing you for doing it His way that I can honestly say that He will bless you each and every time.

The reason why WOWFaith Ministry will succeed is simple, I will not compromise with my congregation on God's truth on what works in being continually blessed by God. You can bring me the biggest offering and I will still follow what is God's Will and His way

May we learn that we should have a zero tolerance policy from anyone who stalks another person to harrass others. God does not condone this and they are not blessed for it.

Do we honestly have the resources to deal with this and are we as a Nation even preparing ourselves for this new new network of terror.

Pray for them that they do not become the new breed of American Terrorist.

No matter what reason they say they have collectively does not impress or glorify God. The greatest lie that will curse them is that they ignore God's Word: That they will be judged by every idle word out of their mouths.

Was not the Son of God crucified this way.

It's called "Perception of Truth" or "Perception as Truth"

If enough people can make others believe their lies or perception, that soon it becomes accepted truth.

Satan knows that if a rumor can exist long enough, that it is no longer viewed as a rumor but is perceived as something true.

And the greatest liar is the father of all lies and that is Satan.

"Jesus said: I tell you this that you must give an account on judgment day of every idle word that you speak."   Matthew 12:36

It's almost like saying practicing witchcraft is ok as long as you stay in the "white" area of studies by just doing spells and don't dwell in the dark black studies of satanic blood sacrifices.

Will we plead for mercy on judgment day when we have denied mercy to others?

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. 

Lets see this for what it really is, organized stalking are law breakers who will try to reason to others that it's ok for them to be criminals, but its not ok for someone else to break the law who got caught stealing so that they can feed their children.

May we all be blessed with God's truth, a pure heart and clarity of mind.


Matthew 6:22(ISVNT)

22“The eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light. 

Matthew 6:23(ISVNT)

23But if your eye is evil, your whole body will be full of darkness. Therefore, if the light in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”


God believes in you

Reverend Michael Cartwright



Satan and the Media will have a field day

Our purpose is to save souls not lose them

A new breed of American Terrorism

My Mentor the Private Investigator

Smart Homeland Security


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