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How do we get faith?

Answer: By asking God for it and reading the Bible

 "God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith," Romans 12:3

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17




Be blessed

Doing it God's Way!                 

                              By Reverend Michael Cartwright


"Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God "

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JUNE 2006-JANUARY 2007


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December 31, 2006 Sunday

What did Jesus do to indicate which one of the disiples would betray Him at the Passover meal?

Answer: Jesus would dip a piece of bread before He gave it to the disciple.


December 30, 2006 Saturday

Which person did Jesus say "Go and sin no more?"

Answer: It was a woman caught in the act of adultery (John 8:11)


December 29, 2006 Friday

Finish this verse, "I can do all things __________________ (Phil 4:13)

Answer: Through Him who gives me strength


December 27, 2006 Wednesday

What was the disciples first reaction when they first saw Jesus walking on the water?

Answer: The disciples thought that they were seeing a ghost


December 26, 2006 Tuesday

What does Romans 6:23 say are the "wages of sin"?

Answer: The wages of sin is Death


December 25, 2006 Monday

How many wise men visited baby Jesus in the manger?

Answer: The popular answer is three wise men, but the Bible never mentions a number; it just mentions three types of gifts.


December 24, 2006 Sunday

At what age did Jesus begin His public ministry?

Answer:  About the age of thirty


December 23, 2006 Saturday

What age was Jesus when His parents found Him in the Temple asking questions?

Answer: He was Twelve years of age


December 20, 2006 Wednesday

What did Satan say was the reason that Job honored God?

Answer: Because of God's blessings of protection and financial prosperity.


December 19, 2006 Tuesday

What did the boys who were mocking Elisha call him?

Answer: They called him bald head


December 18, 2006 Monday

Which diciple was freed by an angel when he was chained between two guards?

Anwer: It was Peter


December 17,2006 Sunday

Which one of Jesus diciples refused at first to let Jesus wash his feet?

Answer: It was Peter


December 16, 2006 Saturday

What is the last part of this verse: "You will know the truth..."

Answer: And the truth will set you free.


December 15, 2006 Friday

Who tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit?

Answer: It was the serpent


December 14, 2006 Thursday

What did God do to punish the builders of Babel?

Answer: God made them confused in their speech so they "Babbled."


December 13, 2006 Wednesday

What was the reason that Hagar ran away from Abraham's house?

Answer: Abraham's wife was not getting along with her


December 12, 2006 Tuesday

What was the reason God created woman?

Answer: It was not good for Adam or man not to be alone


December 11, 2006 Monday

What will happen if you throw pealrs to pigs?

Answer: The pigs will trample them.


December 10, 2006 Sunday

How will we be able to recognize false prophets?

Answer: By the "Fruit" that they bear


December 9, 2006 Saturday

On the cross, what beverage was Jesus offered?

Answer: It was sour wine


December 8, 2006 Friday

What U.S. city shares a name with one of the Churches in the book of Revelation?

Answer: The city is Philadelphia


 December 7, 2006 Thursday

Who said "It is more blessed to give than to receive?"

Answer: It was Jesus


December 6, 2006 Wednesday

The king of Israel at the time Jesus was born was who?

Answer: It was king Herod


December 5, 2006 Tuesday

In what book in the Bible would you find instructions about skin diseases?

Answer: The book of Leviticus


December 4, 2006 Monday

On what day did 3000 people become followers of Jesus Christ? (Acts 2:41)

Answer: It was the day of Pentecost.


December 3, 2006 Sunday

What book would the crossing of the Red Sea be located?

Answer: Exodus


December 2, 2006 Saturday

Whom did the Pharisees  accuse Jesus of using to drive out demons?

Answer: They said He was using the Prince of demons


December 1, 2006 Friday

How do we get faith?

Answer: By asking God for it and reading the Bible

 "God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith," Romans 12:3

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17



November 30, 2006 Thursday

Why did Jesus say that the widows gift was far greater than what the rest who gave?

Answer: She gave everything that she had


November 29, 2006 Wednesday

What was the the person who was married five times who talked to Jesus?

Answer: It was the Samaritan woman who Jesus talked to at the well


November 28, 2006 Tuesday

Who is the weeping prophet?

Answer: Jermiah


November 27, 2006 Monday

Which King was considered wiser and richer than any other king on earth?

Answer: Solomon


November 26, 2006 Sunday

What place did Mary, Joseph and Jesus live after Egypt?

Answer: Nazareth


November 25, 2006 Saturday

Which diciple was the first one to refuse Jesus to wash his feet?

Answer: It was Peter


November 24, 2006 Friday

Why did David pretend to be insane?

Answer: So that the Philistines would let him live among them


November 23, 2006 Thursday

Who had a dream of fat cows and skinny cows?

Answer: Pharaoh


November 22, 2006 Wednesday

When David first saw Bathsheba, where was she?

Answer: On her roof bathing


November 21, 2006 Tuesday

What are the diciples if Jesus is the vine?

Answer: They are the branches


November 20, 2006 Monday

Who said "Upon this rock I will build my Church?

Answer: Jesus Matt 16:24


November 19, 2006 Sunday

Who said "My God sent the angel to shut the lions mouth so that they would not hurt me?

It was Daniel (Daniel 6:22)


November 18, 2006 Saturday

Which diciple still had doubts about Jesus rising after the crucifixion?

Answer: Because of this he was called "doubting Thomas"


November 16, 2006 Thursday

What book would you look in if you wanted to find out about the 3 wise men who visted baby Jesus?

Answer: The book of Matthew


November 15, 2006 Wednesday

Who was Ishmael's half brother?

Answer: Isaac


November 14, 2006 Tuesday

Who said; The voice is the voice of Jacob, but the hands are the hands of Esau?

Answer: It was their father Issac


November 13, 2006 Monday

What was the reason the disiples wanted to send the 5000 people away?

Answer: It was because the people were hungry


November 12, 2006 Sunday

What oocupation did Zacchaeus have for a living?

Answer: Tax collector


November 11, 2006 Saturday

What was Esther's nationality?

Answer: She was Jewish


November 10, 2006 Friday

In the Bible who was the first murderer?

Answer: Abel's brother Cain (Genesis 4:8)


November 9, 2006 Thursday

Take a guess on how many Apostles were there?

Answer: Twelve


November 8, 2006 Wednesday

At what age did Jesus start His Ministry?

Answer: Jesus was about 30


November 7, 2006 Tuesday

Why was a man named Uzzah struck dead?

Answer: Uzzah touched the Ark of the Covenant


November 6, 2006 Monday

How did Joseph know to marry Mary?

Answer: The angel of the Lord told Joseph in a dream.


November 5, 2006 Sunday

In what book would you find 3 men thrown in a furnace?

Answer: The book of Daniel


November 4, 2006

When Moses gave God excuses, In what way did God answer Moses?

Answer: God gave Moses miracles to perform and introduced Himself by name, and asked Moses who gave him the ability to speak


November 3, 2006

Who ever said? "Not only did God bring me laughter but whoever hears this will laugh with me" (Genesis 21:6)

Answer: It was Sarah when she gave birth to her son


Novemeber 2, 2006

Who are the first three judges that are mentioned in the book of Judges?

Answer: They are Ehud, Shamgar, and Othniel.


November 1, 2006 Wednesday

What did Moses look like when he came down Mount Sinai?

Answer: Moses face glowed


October 31, 2006 Tuesday

What phrase is repeated 26 times in Psalms 136?

Answer: His faithful love endures forever


October 30, 2006 Monday

At the time of Jesus' death, who was the chief priest?

Answer: Caiaphas


October 29, 2006 Sunday

Who was known as the "weeping prophet?"

Answer: The prophet Jeremiah


October 28, 2006 Saturday

Who did Jesus say that His Father would send after He was gone?

Answer: The Holy Spirit

October 27, 2006 Friday

How did Peter react to denying Jesus three times?

Answer: Peter broke down and cried


October 26, 2006 Thursday

Why was Uzzah stroke dead?

Answer: Because Uzzah touched the Ark of the Covenant


October 25, 2006 Wednesday

What should you do if someone strikes you on the right cheek?

Answer: Turn the other cheek


October 24, 2006 Tuesday

What did God do when Moses raised his hand above the sea?

Answer: God parted the sea (Exodus 14:21)


October 23, 2006 Monday

Who was the half brother of Ishmael?

Answer: Isaac


October 22, 2006 Sunday

What was the reason the Apostles chose seven "deacons" to help them?

Answer: They needed the additional time for prayer and preaching.


October 21, 2006 Saturday

What was the reason that Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt?

Answer: Just as the city was being destroyed she looked back towards Sodom.


October 20, 2006 Friday

Which diciple at first refused to let Jesus wash his feet?

Answer: It was Peter


October 19, 2006 Thursday

Who said? "Obedience is far better than sacrifice"

Answer: King Saul (1 Samuel 15:22)


October 18, 2006 Wednesday

What was the reason that the Israelites had to wander so long in the Wilderness?

Answer: They would not enter the Promised Land when given the chance.


October 17, 2006 Tuesday

When Mary met Jesus, who had already risen, whom did she think He was?

Answer: A gardener


October 15, 2006 Sunday

When Jesus drove out the demons, whom did the Pharisees say He was using?

Answer: He was using the prince of demons.


October 14, 2006 Saturday

What was the reason Martha did not want the stone removed from Lazurus's tomb?

Answer: Because of the bad odor.


October 13, 2006 Friday

Finish what 1 Corinthians 15:4 says; "If Christ was not raised, than all our preaching is _______________.

Answer: Useless


October 12, 2006 Thursday

What is the last book of the Old Testament?

Answer: Malachi


October 11, 2006 Wednesday

Finish the rest of this verse from Psalm 23:1 KJV, The Lord is my Shepherd...

Answer: I shall not want.


October 10, 2006 Tuesday

Which book of the Bible mentions "The seventh seal?"

Answer: The book of Revelation.


October 9, 2006 Monday

Who was described in Psalm 145 as Merciful and kind and slow to anger?

Answer: The good Lord


October 8, 2006 Sunday

What did Jesus say was just as bad as committing adultery?

Answer: Looking at one another lustfully


October 7, 2006 Saturday

Who goes around prowling like a roaring lion, seeking to devour their victim?

Answer: 1 Peter 5:8 says the devil.


October 6, 2006 Friday

When Job scraped his boils, what did he use?

Answer: A part of broken pottery.


October 5, 2006 Thursday

When you give to help someone, what should you keep from your left hand?

Answer: Keep secret what your right hand is doing.


October 4, 2006 Wednesday

What do we ask God to give us in the Lord's prayer?

Answer: Our daily bread.


October 3, 2006 Tuesday

Jesus attended a wedding feast, in what city with His mother?

Answer: In Cana in Galilee.


October 2, 2006 Monday

What inanimate objects did the devil tell Jesus to turn into what food?

Answer: He asked to turn the sones into bread.


October 1, 2006 Sunday

Who was the only woman in the Bible who had her age mentioned when she died?

Answer: Sarah (127 years old)


September 30, 2006 Saturday

Whose said it is more blessed to give than to receive?

Answer: Jesus


September 29, 2006 Friday

What did the Jewish authorities say Paul had done when they arrested him in Jerusalem?

Answer: That Paul had commited blasphemy against the temple by bringing a gentile inside.


September 28, 2006 Thursday

Which book of the Bible has a prophet that was told to marry an unfaithful woman?

Answer: The prophets name was Hosea


September 27, 2006 Wednesday

What job did God ask Zechariah to do for a while?

Answer: To be a shepherd


September 26, 2006 Tuesday

What did Solomon do to find out who the real mother was?

Answer: To cut the baby in half


September 25, 2006 Monday

Jesus healed how many lepers on the way to Jerusalem?

Answer: 10

September 24, 2006 Sunday


Golgotha means what?

Answer: The place of the skulls


September 21, 2006 Thursday

The name Emanuel means?

Answer: God with us


September 20, 2006 Wednesday

In what book would you find the seventh seal?

Answer: The book of Revelation


September 19, 2006 Tuesday

The scroll tasted like what?

Answer: It tasted like honey


September 17, 2006 Sunday

When He started His public Ministry, about how old was Jesus?

Answer: About 30


September 16, 2006 Saturday

What was the name of the beautiful wife of a wealthy man that helped David?

Answer: Her name was Abigail


September 15, 2006 Friday

King Asa died of what?

Answer: His feet were diseased.


September 14, 2006 Thursday

What does the Word say who we should invite to our banquet

Answer: The crippled, the poor, the blind and the lame.


September 13, 2006 Wednesday

In what way did Samson use foxes to destroy the enemies crops?

Answer: He took torches and tied them around their tails to run through the enemies crops


September 12, 2006 Tuesday

Why was a man named Uzzah strucked dead?

Answer: Uzzah put his hand on the Ark of the Covenant


September 11, 2006 Monday

What was the reason for David to act like he was crazy?

Answer: So that he may live among the Philistine


September 10, 2006 Sunday

Who is, "Greater Than the one who is in the world?"

Answer: The One who is in you


September 9, 2006 Saturday

Which priest has the shortest name?

Answer: Eli


September 8, 2006 Friday

Who was Moses talking to when he said  "Let my people go"

Answer:  Pharaoh Exodus 5:1


September 7, 2006 Thursday

What did Rahab hang out her window to save her family from the Israelites.

Answer: A scarlet rope


September 6, 2006 Wednesday

Ruth was the great grandmother of whom?

Answer: David


September 5, 2006 Tuesday

In what book did David defeat a giant?

Answer: 1 Samuel


September 4, 2006 Monday

After Lazurus died, where did he go?

Answer: Abraham's side


September 3, 2006 Sunday

What was the reason Daniel was thrown into the lion's den?

Answer: He would not stop praying when it was made illegal



September 2, 2006 Saturday

What town did God want Jonah to go to?

Answer: Nineveh


September 1, 2006 Friday

What miracle happened when the widow of Zarephath prepared a meal for Elijah?

Answer: She was blessed with not running out of oil and flour.


August 31, 2006 Thursday

Where in the Bible is their proof of a lie detector located?

Answer: Numbers 5:11-28 (It involved mixing a few ingredients like "holy water" barley flour and dust, if the person got sick they were guilty)


August 30, 2006 Wednesday

After the crucifixion whom did several of the diciples see on the shore cooking breakfast?

Answer: Jesus


August 29, 2006 Tuesday

What strange event happened between noon and 3:00 PM on the day Jesus was crucified?

Answer: Darkness spread across the land


August 28, 2006 Monday

Of the Ten Commandments, which did Jesus say was the greatest

Answer: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.


August 27, 2006 Sunday

Of all the books in the Bible, which has the fewest verses?

Answer: 2 John

August 26, 2006 Saturday

What was the reason the diciples wanted to send the 5000 people away?

Answer: So that they could go get something to eat.


August 25, 2006 Friday

Which one of the following happened to Paul on his way to Rome? Storms/ Snake bite/ Ship wreck/ All of the above

Answer: All of the above


August 24, 2006 Thursday

Who was Boaz in relation to Ruth?

Answer: He was Ruth's husband and also a distant relative


August 23, 2006 Wednesday

What was Jesus diciples first thought of seeing Him walk on water?

Answer: They thought He was a ghost


August 22, 2006 Tuesday

What was Jesus second miracle in  Galilee (John 4:43-54)

Answer: He healed a government officials son



August 21, 2006 Monday

Who gave the following excuse: "The serpent deceived me, and I ate." (Gen. 3:13)

Answer: Eve


August 20, 2006 Sunday

What sentence starts and ends in the last five Psalms?

Answer: Praise the Lord! (Hallelujah!)


August 19, 2006 Saturday

Which garden plant is the largest when grown but  is the smallest seed.

Answer: It is the mustard seed


August 18, 2006 Friday

Peter saw what when he appeared into Jesus's tomb?

Answer: Just linen wrappings


August 17, 2006 Thursday

What was Moses sisters name?

Answer: Miriam


August 16, 2006 Wednesday

What did Lazarus, the poor man, do everyday?

Answer: He begged at the rich man's gate


August 15, 2006 Tuesday

What does the Bible say should be living sacrifices?

Answer: Our bodies


August 14, 2006 Monday

How did God reply to Moses about his excuses?

Answer: God indentifed Himself by His name telling Moses that He gave him miracles to perform and the ability to speak.


August 13, 2006 Sunday

What did Moses say when God told him to go back to Egypt?

Answer: Pharaoh won't believe me, I am not even a good speaker.


August 12, 2006 Saturday

Which prophet became a fish dinner?

Answer: Jonah


August 11, 2006 Friday

What do we ask God to give us in the Lord's Prayer?

Answer: Our daily bread


August 10, 2006 Thursday

Which prophet had messages for King Ahaz and Hezekiah?

Answer: Isaiah


August 9, 2006 Wednesday

Of the following nations, which did Zephaniah not give messages to?

Answer: Rome


August 8, 2006 Tuesday

Whom was Gomer the unfaithful wife to?

Answer: Hosea


August 7, 2006 Monday

The plant daisy was mentioned in the Bible, true or false?

Answer: True


August 6, 2006 Sunday

Where did Jesus say a prophet is without honor?

Answer: In his home town


August 5, 2006 Saturday

What was Cain's answer to God when He asked him where was his brother Able?

Answer: Am I my brothers keeper


August 4, 2006 Friday

When Jonah was inside the fish, what did he do?

Answer: Jonah prayed to God.


August 3, 2006 Thursday

Who said to the crowd that wanted to kill the adulterous woman? "Who is without sin cast the first stone!"

Answer: Jesus


August 2, 2006 Wednesday

At Jesus's crucifixion, who said "Surely this was a righteous man"

Answer: A Roman Centurion


August 1, 2006 Tuesday

When God told Moses to throw his staff on the ground, what did it turn into?

Answer: A snake


July 31, 2006 Monday

This man asked, "Do you think that you can make a Christian so quickly?" ,after hearing Paul's story.

Answer: King Agrippa


July 30, 2006 Sunday

What does Romans 6:23 say about what are the wages of sin are?

Answer: Death


July 29, 2006 Saturday

Where was Jesus born?

Answer: Bethlehem


July 28, 2006 Friday

What object did Job use to scrape his boils?

Answer: A broken piece of pottery


July 27, 2006 Thursday

Who is the very first murderer?

Answer: Cain (Genesis  4:8)


July 26, 2006 Wednesday

Why did Jacob run away from his home and feared for his life?

Answer: Because Esau was trying to kill him for taking his birthright away from him.


July 25, 2006 Tuesday

What advice did Paul give to the widows and the unmarried?

Stay unmarried to better do the work of the Lord.


July 24, 2006 Monday

What weapon are children described as in Psalm 127:4?

Answer: Arrows in a warrior's hand


July 23, 2006 Sunday

Which animal is not mentioned by God in the book of Job? The hippo, ostrich, buffalo, or mountain goats.

Answer:  The buffalo


July 22, 2006 Saturday

Which Israelite King was a head and shoulder taller than anyone else in the land?

Answer: King Saul (1 Samuel 9:2)


July 21, 2006 Friday

Who else was in prison with Joseph?

Answer: Pharaoh's baker and cup-bearer


July 20, 2006 Thursday

Which book of the Old Testament has the fewest verses?

Answer: Obadiah


July 19, 2006 Wednesday

What can separate us from Christ's love?

Answer: There is nothing in all of creation. (Romans 8:38-39)


July 18, 2006 Tuesday

After Lazarus died, where did he go?

Answer: He went to Abraham's side


July 17, 2006 Monday

What was Jesus first recorded miracle?

Answer: He not only turned water into wine at a Wedding feast, He created the very best wine.


July 16, 2006 Sunday

Why was Joseph thrown into prison?

Answer: His masters wife falsely accused him of attacking her after he rejected her advances.


July 15, 2006 Saturday

What weapon did Samson use to kill 1000 Philistine?

Answer: It was not a UZI but the jaw bone of a donkey


July 14, 2006 Friday

Who does the Lord want us to invite when we have a banquet?

Answer: The crippled, the poor,  the blind and the lame.


July 13, 2006 Thursday

Of all the commandments, which one did Jesus say was the greatest?

Answer: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.


July 12, 2006 Wednesday

Who was the half brother of James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas?

Answer: Jesus


July 11, 2006 Tuesday

Where did Jesus say a prophet is without honor?

Answer: In his hometown


July 10, 2006 Monday

What was the reason that God asked Moses to remove his sandals?

Answer: Moses was on holy ground.


July 9, 2006 Sunday

How many of the healed lepers came back to thank Jesus?

Answer: One


July 8, 2006 Saturday

How did God show His great love for us when He sent Son Jesus to die on the Cross for us? 

Answer: When we were still sinners


July 7, 2006 Friday

Who does the Bible say gets a foothold when we lose our temper?

Answer: The devil ( Ephesians 4:27)


July 6, 2006 Thursday

What is considered "The Root of all evil"

Answer: The love of money (1 Timothy 6:10)


July 5, 2006 Wednesday

In what way does God say that He loves the person who gives in what way?

Answer: Who gives Cheerfully


July 4, 2006 Tuesday

The Good Samaritan is found in what Book?

Answer: Luke


July 3, 2006 Monday

How many fish and loaves of bread did Jesus need to feed a crowd of 5000?

Answer: 5 loaves and 2 fishes


July 2, 2006 Sunday

Who said? "As surely as the Lord, the God of Israel lives- the God whom I worship and serve- there will be no dew or rain during the next few years unless I give the word!" (1 Kings 17:1)

Answer: Elijah


July 1, 2006 Saturday

Which book in the New Testament has the most chapters?

Answer: Matthew ( 28 Chapters)


June 30, 2006 Friday

Who was Preaching when Eutychus fell asleep?

Answer: Paul 


June 29, 2006 Thursday

How many of the Ten Commandments (In the King James Version) use the words "Thou shalt not."?

Answer: 8


June 28, 2006 Wednesday

Who said?  "What have I done to you that deserves your beating me these three times?"

Answer: Balaam's donkey (Numbers 22:28)


June 27, 2006 Tuesday

What is the only verse in the entire Bible that is repeated twice?

Answer: "The fool saith there is no God!" Psalms 14:1 and Psalms 53:1


June 26, 2006 Monday

What did Jesus say when He was asked, "Why do you drink and eat with notorious 'sinners and tax collectors?"        (Luke 5:30)

Answer: "It is the sick who needs a doctor, not those in good health."


June 25, 2006 Sunday

"Throughout my destiny, this is the one question that both kids and grown ups alike were always excited to know the answer to this question"

What two numbers can you put together, and you will always remember how many books there are in the Old and the New Testament?

12 and 19

2 and 26

3 and 9

3 and 28


Answer: 3 and 9 (There are 39 books in the Old Testament, If you mutiply 3 X 9 you get 27 which is the number of books in the New Testament. Combine both numbers 39 and 27 and you get the total number of 66 books in the Bible.)



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