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Be blessed

          Doing it God's Way                               

                                        With Reverend Michael Cartwright  



  teenagers 1.jpgLet's find out what God says about one of the most dramatic problems in the church today -           Family harmony 

"Don't make your children angry by the way you treat them, rather bring them up with the disipline and instruction approved by the Lord." Ephesians 6:4


As a parent you have a choice to turn this dilemma into a blessing or a curse. If you sincerely want you and your family to be truly healed by God then you have to forget the issue that your right and your teenager is wrong and nothing else matters. You will only cause the spirit of rebellion to rear it's ugly head in your teenager and nobody wins when that happens. It's not about what you have learned from back in the days of  "The old school way."

 If you apply these tactics such as meet force with force you might win the battle but you may also lose the war. Not to mention your teenagers respect and when that happens you lose more control. Then there's a very strong possibility that your precious child(ren) will seek others outside of their family for approval and even love.

Our enemy Satan needs your family to stay desysfunctional so that the curse of rebellion continues on in your family, being past down from generation to generation. Satan needs your mind to stay cluttered with negative energy and thoughts so that you will forget to go to God first for a solution to your problems. Then because you did not go to God to help you, Soon you forget to use your faith to praise him before you see any evidence of his blessing on you and your family.

And this is the one that makes our enemy Satan truly happy. Soon our blessings stop because we soon forget to glorify God in everything we say and do. You have the power and the choice to break this endless curse that may have been going on for years or even for generations that's being past down from parent to parent. Use the power of prayer and a forgiven heart filled with the unconditional love and the humility that God first gave us. Your children and your teenager may be lost right now and don't know because of their pride or inexperienced in dealing with their emotions to find their way back into your heart.

What price would we pay if we heard that one of our children was in the emergency room at the hospital fighting for their life right now from a car accident or a victim of a violent attack. What would we give to take their place right now, to end their suffering and their grief.

What price would we give if God did take them to heaven today, would we not cry out to God to give us just one more moment more to tell our children that we love them, and that your not angry with them no more.

Tragically, this is happening to some grief stricken parent who wished that they wished the last thing that they said to their children was that they loved them.

We as loving parents need to put our own pride aside of were right and their wrong and nothing else matters, and ask God to give us and our family the peace, joy and harmony that can only come from the spirit of cooperation.

As a loving parent, I have learned the hard way that I have to be more flexible and forgiving instead of I'm right and your wrong. May you learn from my foolish and ignorant mistakes. As a father, I forgot my little princess was growing up and that I needed to treat her with more trust and respect instead of the rigid and unyielding rules when she was younger. My teenager was growing up, and learning to assert herself as a person who is just trying to find their place in the world. When our teenagers do this, tell them that you trust them in making the right choices on their own. Give them a chance to make mistakes and give them the room to learn from their own mistakes.

They need you to be the bigger person right now in their lives. Give them the mercy and the grace that can only come from you right now,

You have the choice and the power to heal your family with the unconditional love and forgivness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Tell them that you believe in them,

That your proud of them,

That you love them.

"Love your Children today, they are our future of tomorrow!" 

God believes in you

Reverend Michael Cartwright



Shine Your Lights for the Lord

Love your Teenager

Help your teenagers find their strength 

When communication breaks down

Show your teenagers mercy and grace 

You have to give God all or nothing

Bless your children with happy thoughts 

Don't just say your proud of them  

No matter what happens in life

God sees no skeletons in your closet


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