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Be blessed    

 Doing it God's Way                                                               

                                     With Reverend Michael Cartwright


       My second project for God

                     Men who honor women  


Book Title: Men who honor women!

Author: Reverend Michael Cartwright


There cannot be true democracy unless women's voices are heard.There cannot be true democracy unless women are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives. There cannot be true democracy unless all citizens are able to participate fully in the lives of their country. Hillary Clinton  [July 11, 1997]


This Website and book will be dedicated to honor all women from their birth to their senior years. All males in our society today, regardless of their race, religion or economic status need to band together in our great nation as a whole and throughout the world. All male's should become every female's self appointed hero to protect and to show honor and respect to all of them.               "God created all women as a beautiful rose in a field full of weeds"

And we hope to have a special place also to honor all men who agree with this, and who honor God and their families. And much more wonderful stuff for men that will cover every age and situation that will bring them from a child, teenager to fatherhood, to grandfather to the last remaining days that they are here. And how they can be a asset in the community by sharing their wisdom that kids and young people so much need today. And remember guys, If you want to be the king in your castle, You have to make her the Queen! We will also have a great place to honor men who honor God and family!

 WOWFaith Ministries agree that we cannot be continually blessed for not respecting any female in Gods eyes. "We need to pull together to protect and improve the quality of life for all females from the day they are born to their last remaining years as a senior citizen.

All males owe the quality of their existent to the female race. They are truly blessed with the sacred and unique gift of bringing life into this world. And those females who are not given that gift are also blessed with the same compassion and love that has nourished every aspect of the human race. Without this gift of life and the blessings from God of the unequal love and compassion that all females have to give to the world. The quality and support of every civilization, including every great moment in history would have ended in a single generation.

"I never met a woman I diden't like!"

                  Roy Rogers

Every female is somebody's daughter, sister, mother, aunt or grandmother. Women are not second class citizens, they never were in God's eyes and we owe them that acknowledgment. We should appreciate everything that women do that has made the awesome quality of every man's life possible because of Gods ultimate gift of companionship to him.

May we honor and protect all of them from this day forth. And may Gods Grace of blessings and favors embrace every female in their incredible task. Of having the endless passion in their belief and desire in persuading every male to want to be a better man. So that all men will all have a heartfelt desire of wanting to see and speak from their hearts. A better husband, father, son, uncle, or friend, etc... And may the quality of our lives in society benefit greatly from this. Is this not the first step to peace on earth and                                                                                            

                          God's Plan of Salvation                   

throughout our own neighborhoods. Would not our own fears and distrust of one another be replaced with the unity of strength and honor. Would we not have the power of compassion to show mercy instead of death and destruction in a world of full of hate and violence by just seeing and speaking more clearly with our hearts like our mothers and all female's have taught us.

May our next thought and words come from a place of love, dignity, respect, integrity, compassion, and loyalty as we make our Mothers proud that their heartfelt prayers to God have been answered this day of making the world we live in a better place.

 That all men's purpose in life, both young and old  is to be a blessing of protection to all women's lives and their emotional feelings. And to all men who believe this may your destiny be blessed by God who you just glorified.

 "And may we all acknowledge and rise above to what God intended for each and everyone of us. That we are all truly part of God's royal family, that we are all Princes's and Princess'es of God!"

It is the destiny of all men and women to love one another so that when we all come to the end of our journey in life. That God will move heaven and earth just to get close to you.

 To take you by your hand and proudly say " I have watched you glorify me again and again by your love of one another.

 Come in! I am well pleased!" Read the Bible in a year

"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." John 13:35


God believes in you

Reverend Michael Cartwright 


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